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How much is a square of PU culture stone? PU Culture Stone Price Reference Guide


The PU culture stone originated from the United States, so it is the most used in American architecture. The characteristic of artificial culture stone is that it can perfectly restore the original features of natural stone, and can maximize the natural charm and artistry of its connotation. Nowadays people admire nature, eager to get close to the natural pastoral, artificial culture stone fills this vacancy in the home shaping, clever use of artificial culture stone can reproduce the natural rough scenes of everyone.

First, the cultural stone price reference guide The price of natural stone

Natural culture stone is a stone mineral mine that is mined in nature. Among them, slate, sandstone and quartz stone have been processed into a decorative building material. There are two main types: marble and granite. The natural culture stone is hard, bright in color, rich in texture and different in style. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption. There are two main types of natural cultural stone from the material: one is sedimentary sandstone and the other is hard slate.

In addition to the relatively regular shape of the natural stone paving accidents, the rest of the shape is difficult to lay, and the construction is relatively troublesome. The price of natural cultural stone is generally around 100-130 yuan per square meter.

Second, PU culture stone price reference guide - the price of artificial culture stone

In the 1960s, a stone mason named Mason in the United States invented the principle of "artificial culture stone", and later Garrett and Floyd Brown developed materials for "artificial culture stone" using materials such as pumice. The artificial culture stone has a lighter texture, higher strength, lower water absorption rate and better anti-freezing property. Moreover, it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with zero carbon dioxide emissions and no radiation.

The classification of cultural stones is generally similar, generally including stone rock, great wall stone, castle stone, flowing stone, small rock, wood grain stone, antique brick, coral stone, and whole body brick.

Easy to install and cost-effective. It is not necessary to rive it on the wall and can be directly pasted; the installation cost is only 1/3 of the natural stone. More choices. The styles are various in color, and the combination makes the wall surface full of three-dimensional effect.

The price difference of artificial culture stone is relatively large, and the products produced by small factories and brands are also very different.