Does stoneworks faux stone siding have warranty period?
Each faux stone has the warranty period. During the warranty period, the product could be maintained and repaired for free. The warranty period may be extended if it is required by you. You could have the confidence that our products are of high quality and are almost in no need of repair during the warranty period.

Foshan ChuangChengYi Building Materials Co., Ltd.'s creative team of professionals can take you all the way from concept to your doorstep. The following is a list of faux brick panels series. Our wall panels can be applied to both indoor and outdoor decoration. . Among all kinds of faux siding products,polyurethane rock panels , polyurethane rock panels has widely found its applications in industry because of its fine properties. We manufacture faux rock panels but also provide professional customized service including customized color, shape and so on. Our wall panels feels like reel stone.

Home depot faux stone marketing is like a philosophy and a concept must keep up to date with Mushroom slate technological trends. Please contact us!
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