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PU Culture Stone is a new type of exterior wall insulation board material.


Along with the rapid development of the national economy and the construction industry, people's requirements for building materials have also increased significantly. In recent years, with the emergence of PU culture stone, the application range of new building materials has also been greatly expanded. At present, whether it is a large-scale construction project led by the state or a residential building for the masses, the lightweight PU Yingaoshi environmental protection materials have been widely used.


1: Wall decoration material demand

Through the analysis of modern buildings, we will find that the cost of indoor and outdoor wall decoration materials accounts for about 51% of the investment in building construction, which is already a very large proportion. In addition, PU quality and variety have played a significant role in the choice of structural forms of buildings. In recent years, building safety accidents have not occurred, seriously threatening people's lives and property safety. Monitoring of safety, robustness and stability of construction projects. As the country has increased its monitoring of construction projects, the construction level of construction units has also achieved rapid development. Environmentally-friendly PU Huajumei, PU culture stone is constantly emerging, improving people's quality of life while improving the environment and reducing investment costs.

 PU polyurethane insulation is a major trend in the development of building materials in the future. PU insulation material is a certain ratio of the machine and the inorganic, inorganic and inorganic building materials in a certain production environment, so that the building materials can concentrate the advantages of the original materials. The performance of the PU Yingao stone is more superior.

More powerful. With the improvement of people's living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for all aspects of life, and the requirements for building materials have been continuously improved. The functional requirements for building materials have gradually changed from single to multi-functional.

2. Development and application of new building materials

After a period of development, PU Huajumei insulation materials have been widely used in the construction field. From large-scale projects led by the state to residential buildings, we can all see PU Huajumei insulation materials, such as the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games. The water cube uses a large number of PU insulation materials to achieve a perfect combination of aesthetics, technology and environmental protection. In addition, there are many excellent construction projects using PU insulation materials. Nowadays, more and more real estate development companies are beginning to apply a variety of new PU materials to construction projects, such as some insulation materials and some energy-saving materials. The development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life have gradually become a fashion by applying new building materials to life. At present, the types of new building materials are already very rich, and building materials of different qualities, different colors and different functions are constantly changing people's lives.

3. summary

The wall decoration materials were originally the process of interdependence and mutual promotion of construction projects. In recent years, with the development of the national economy, people have put forward higher requirements for all aspects of life, and the requirements for wall decoration materials are constantly With the promotion of new science and technology, PU Huajumei and PU polyurethane culture stone are closely combined with various factors such as environment and energy, and have made great contributions to reducing energy consumption and protecting the ecological environment. AfterChina's accession to the WTO, the PU polyurethane culture stone industry has ushered in a major development opportunity and has made great progress. In the future, new PU insulation materials will be more widely used.