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Application of PU culture stone in building materials fields



Polyurethane PU culture stone is an important building material. The insulation and waterproofing of foreign buildings are mainly polyurethane, including roof, wall insulation, window sealing and so on.

At the same time, PU polyurethane adhesive is the best material to replace urea-formaldehyde rubber to produce aldehyde-free sheet.

PU polyurethane sheet has been widely used in industrial buildings in China since 2003, but the use of civil buildings has just begun. China's development of energy-saving economy, environmental protection and economy, polyurethane materials will be able to show their talents.

Polyurethane rigid foam PU culture stone good fire and temperature resistance

Although the polyurethane rigid foam is a polymer, it is a thermosetting material that is inert in combustion and does not produce molten flammable flame dripping, but will form a coking protective layer, which effectively inhibits melting. The danger of the spread of fire. At the same time, the polyurethane rigid foam PU culture stone can resist the splashing of Mars and radiant heat, it can also prevent oxygen from entering the plate, or the interior of the wall insulation layer is in contact with the foam core material, thus not causing direct combustion of the core material, which can guarantee The integrity of the building.